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Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi), we serve to the society in terms of money, education support, food, shelters, provide clothes to the underprivileged people and all the basic need they are short off, Just to make them to live a life where they can never sleep without having food at night. Our main aim is to serve the backward societies people, in which the children are not able to study because they are not that much of capable to support in terms of money for their children education.

Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust

Cow is the source of progress and prosperity, our trust excel the free veterinary care to sick and stray cows and care for their meals and other needy....

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Orphan and Poor Girls Marriage

Our Institution organise samoohik vivah per year of poor families in their marriage and have bond over 35 couples in sacred...

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Yogi Ramnath Children Education Trust

Education is cardinal in breaking down the cycle of hunger and poverty for poors and unprivileged, our trust support those people...

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Request a Priest to Perform Go-Pooja

Our Priests Performs Go-Pooja for The Good Health and Wealth of Your family and for your Business as well...

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Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) supports those kind of people and children, who have a strong will to study and have a aim to stand on their own and serve the society with their own knowledge, we help them by providing books, admission in the schools and Vidhalayas, uniforms, bags, stationery objects and all the other needs. But, despite of all these efforts we are doing to serve those people, your contributions playa very important role, we are nothing without the funding from the people like you. We are the workers, but you are the true assets and the ones who inspire us, to do our best to serve underprivileged people around the city corners.

We also own and run a Gaushala, where our drovers take all the cares for the Cows and Buffalos, regarding their food, bathing, medical issues, shelters etc. We pick the cows and buffalos from the streets of the entire city, to make the city clean and secondly; to provide proper treatments to the cows, as they are the most worshipable creature on earth also known as Goutama in Indian Religion. We have the proper living place for the Cows and Buffalos, with all the needs that needed according to the atmosphere (like Coolers, fans, blankets, insect killer machines etc.).

"Please Donate for the great cause, your donated amount can be more worthy for the ones who need it."